Offering Donation $100 for An Elderly Lady and Orphan

The mission of VYCS significantly cease the miserable lives of any needy where is across the Cambodia.

Today President of Volunteer Youth for Cambodian Smile traveled to Kampong Chnang seeking both of them aim to offer some donation for them.

elderly lady name, Ou Yoeun and Little boy,Chhin Vira

To see overcast condition of elderly lady and a boy where have located in Ta Chey village, Aphiwath commune, Toeuk Phos district, Kampong Chnang province.

Brief Background of eldery lady, Ou Yoeun

” She had family with 8 children”, she said,” but 7 of them was died of disease who was overwork in Pol Pot regime ‘ darkness of regime’. Adding that her husband was also killed by pol pot at Phnom Knorng in Kampong Chnang province in 1970.

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After regime of Pol Pot collapsed, she lived with a girl and selling firewood for earning money. For 10 years, she has lived in current location is Ta Chey village. But Unfortunately, her girl only one was survival in Pol Pot regime escaped from house in more 3 years in case of much dept with neighbors which could not pay dept.

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Living in miserable life after her girl running away, she was cake and desert seller in less money. At the back of a few years ago, in one day, she slip and fall. Then she became cripple have not walk and stand.

It is the recalcitrant situation for her that could not earn money to support daily. This burden family was with her grandson is 10 years old frequently walking in order to collect bottle, metal selling for money a day may earn 700 riel or maximum 3000 riel in per day.

For the precious donation from sister Koung Sorita and sister Vavanthan 100 USD in each 50 USD buying a lot of materials and cash offering her.

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The older people sector in Cambodia is living hi conditions of poverty, hardship and fear of the future. The declining physical strength of older people implies declining income and quality of life. A number of older people lost their children during two decades of war and therefore have no one to support them, as they grow older. Many surviving children are too poor to support themselves to be able to give adequate support to their parents.

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