Donation $200 for Floating School Building Project in Kompong Chhnag province

To see the sascrification of Venerable professor Penh Vibol , Pannasastra University of Cambodia Professor who is virtue Buddhist monk has taught student in how to build Positive Mental Attitude, has willingness building for hundred children have lived on water that lack of school where take may kilometers by boat to reach there. VYCS is very great honor to contribute a little donate $200 in order to want to see their change in future. It took us 3 hours to travel by boat from the provincial downtown to the floating community.

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According to Mr. Try, a member of the communal council, there are about 300 families in the floating village. Those people subsist on fisheries when the river water goes up and growing sesame on small islands when the river water goes down, just making their ends meets. There is no healthcare center. And if anyone is sick, he/she is usually brought to the province by boat with 2-3-hour long. Little hope is put on education by the majority of the villagers whose children have never completed grade 6 of primary education. However, it is seemingly turning a new leaf for the floating villagers to believe in the power of education following our study trip. Moreover, they felt that they wanted their children to study just as we do. So far, there is a primary floating school with 3 classes but it is in a very dilapidated condition. The roof of the school is made of zinc, generating extreme heat to the children. Students have to take turn to study at the same school or quit their study. This makes us feel that we have to do something to the sad floating community, which is to launch a project to build a new school for the unfortunate community.

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Vision of Our Project We strongly hope that in the long run at least one child from every floating family will get a higher education and good job to support themselves and their respective families for sustainable development, thus getting out of vicious cycle of poverty.

Objectives of the Project The ideas to raise fund to build the new floating school are:

A. To raise fund to build a new floating school for the children

B. To sustainably develop the floating community

C. To make floating community believe in the value of education

D. To promote the value of mutual help between city and rural

E. To contribute to the society as much as we can F. To make people of the distant areas feel that they are no longer neglected.

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Reasons for the Project The major income of the floating village derives from fishing. However, since today the number of fishes gradually decreases and the number of the villagers keeps growing, the people of the floating villages will not be able to make their livings on fishing anymore, resulting in poverty. Therefore, we need to take this opportunity to help them to the best of our abilities. The reasons for this project are:

A. To make people aware of the future of their community

B. To make people aware that they are the main change agents

C. To fulfill our social responsibility

D. To arouse a sense of mutual help among Cambodian people in cities

E. To promote sustainable development for the floating villagers

F. To truly see the light and the long term effect of education

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