VYCS Joining in Training for Youth in Report Writing Skill at World Vision

On 22 September 2016, World Vision organization have established a course on the purpose of training Cambodia youth to be a professional journalist with the high morality and strong commitment to work and shear the neutral and real news to public.

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Professor Sirey Muny who is a slim, tall, and brown skin with a pair of glasses was a great honor guess speaker, and he have huge experiences in the press field even if he was an English law student. He had been working as specialist in many field of press such as TV broadcaster, radio news reader and interviewer in well-known stations like FRI, FRA.

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Professor Sirey Muny had lectured us on many purposes of becoming the professional journalist. Firstly, he had illustrated about the three elements of being a morally journalist. Secondly, he had demonstrated about the impact of press and some regulations of press. Thirdly, he had touch us on how to get the reliable source. Then, he had shown his 5 W+H strategies in effective news exploration. And then, professor Sirey Muny had offered some tips to write an attractive topic. Lastly, Mr. Sirey Muny had rested out the angle of news.

  • Morality of Journalist
    • Neutral
    • Must be real
    • Plagiarism
  • Regulation of press
    • Write a propose later to the interviewee
    • Clear question and hit the point
    • Professional analysis
    • Good at researching and seeking the information
  • Finding reliable sources
    • Hot news (Every journalist are rushing to shear)
    • Hot news (Everyone will know it from government announcement like storm)
  • 5 W+H
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • Who
    • Why
    • How

This is no regular formula, it is depend on which information is more attractive, and which information’s meaning is more effective. The news must have clear references.

  • Attractive topic
    • Not too broad
    • Write a curious tile (In order to take the interest from the reader)
    • Title must be attractive
  • The angle of the news
    • Agriculture sector
    • Educational sector
    • Medical care sector
    • Politic sector

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We have to choose which angle that is the most interesting part of our society. There are more than the four examples of the angle which I have rested above.

To sum up, this conference had offered valuable knowledge to all participants. One of the participant had stated his point of view of this conference that it is a priceless three hours lecture. He wish to have such this conference again in order to spread the knowledge to other Cambodian youths.

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Reported by Ek Sunheng, Event Leader

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