Free Coffee for Vesak Day


The most important day of Buddhism has been known in full moon. What Buddhists always have hold because we remind the three kinds of events which are unforgettable. We have faithfully believe in Buddhism because of guiding lives of beings get out from suffering in samara(cycle life).

During the celebration of Vesak Day at PUC, Phnom Penh, there were glorious participants, students, parental students, professor, and senior leaders of PUC to take part in best pleasure. What making splendid ceremony, VYCS informed in public providing and supporting ‘Free Coffee for Vesak Day’ in whole day on 10.0.2017 from 7:00-8:00 night.

In auspicious event, VYCS volunteers cultivated the merit of Dana(donation) which was leading their lives into middle path of mindfulness, noble lives. More 1500 packs of coffee were provided. Many of those were surprising and unbelievable VYCS initiated in such event that may enable participants more understanding and faithfully believe in Buddha’s teaching.

The water flow from the river, our good deeds flow from faithful mind. As long as we have been living in self-desire, the conflicts and controversies will arise from jealousness, hatred, greedy, and illusion. If we desire to wish for social prosperity, we have to kill these kinds of unwholesome from the mind firstly. Don’t let them control your mind. We have been living in committing for happiness and harmony. Unhuman beings have been living in fighting and competing for self-interest what may result of conflict and insecurity. We live, we grow our life starting mind. We give food for mind happily before bodily food.

To understand rightful view of Buddha’s teaching, we, VYCS, started actions mean leading view of others with common activities in mindfulness, Dana giving practice to show them ‘this world belong to all’ and every actions is belong to Kamma. Bad or good are defined by mind. The shadow of the world and us are Good kamma(good actions), not bad karma (bad actions). In shortly reminded, good mind, action, and speech will bring this room (world) happiness wholly.





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