Be Always with You, VYCS

On 15 September ,2015, Volunteer  Youth for Cambodian Smile team went to visit and donated a lot of materials like rice, cakes, towel, money and…etc at National Borey for Infants and Children locate in Chorm Chao commune, Phnom Penh.

To create warm love and compassion for them in closed emotion, we gave food, had fun with them such family. To see those for not having parents to take care, it made us sadly and regretfully for being disable body cannot speak or move, just smile at us.

Increasingly abandoned children in Cambodia, there is arising the concern for state that may be unable to support and help all. Those are orphanages, disabilities and street children. But NBIC has only disable children who have been abandoned by parents.

The awareness of people must take responsibility with love and compassion for own children from their blood. The factors caused children cut off their blood due to having many factors from family and society. For family factors, they don’t have skill, experience, and knowledge to earn income. Ordinarily, from the past 80 percentage of Cambodians were uneducated, up to now there remains huge rate of uneducated who have been living in inadequate. For being severely faced, sometime they decided as inhuman brutality.

For social factor, up to now, Cambodian people have remained living in severely challenged with what government doesn’t have much care for social welfare like agricultural field, educational field, industrial field, factory filed…etc.These are factors may result of some parents isolated from family.

Even if VYCS has been remaining try to put missions to help and appreciate them annually.Lastly we would like to pay deepest thank for generous donors for this event.

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