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Along the way travelling to Kirirum mountain, VYCS and generous donors got information about a poor and ruin school where locates in Kirirum village, Chorm Bork commune, Phnom Sruch district, Kampong Speu province.

For successfully organized missions of this school, charity event was sponsored by a Buddhist devotee from USA who always travel wherever she known having miserable people like shortage of food, school supplies and something.

What we have worked over years in aim of promoting education and contributed time and knowledge with government to strengthen the quality of education where has distantly locate from urban city.

Cambodia has broadly achieved universal access to primary education but the priority we see now is to provide quality access to education and to give students the technical and vocational skills they need.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has set eight priorities:

1. Improve the quality of learning and teaching;
2. Increase civil service and teachers’ salaries and introduce merit-based appointments;
3. Provide more resources to the front-line service providers;
4. Reform the examination system;
5. Establish a policy think-tank for education;
6. Reform youth and vocational skills programs;
7. Implement higher education reform and student job counselling;
In terms of quality, students graduating from grade 12 need improved and relevant knowledge and skills for technical, vocational, and higher education. Many secondary schools, especially schools in rural areas, lack quality inputs and in some subject areas teachers, teaching materials and equipment, textbooks, sciences labs, computer and language labs and library packages. Teaching style currently characterized by formal lecturing, copying, recitation and memorization will be shifted to encourage thinking and reasoning skills; teacher standards will be implemented to better monitor, appraise and develop teacher performance.
(quote from MEYS)
Education is very important role to participate in developed society which the first missions of government must take action and reform rapidly.
Remaining the majority of poor school in rural area, some school remains lack of fund supports, teacher and school supplies which the root of reason of its. In what is seriously and slowly impact to society, it has been resulting from poverty what may not send their children to school.
We join, we change and we get from our activities in best expectation and fruitful together.




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