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The 40 Days in American Land  on 17, June 2017 at PUC…

Experience is what people have touched and passed through, and it was amazing, excited, great, bitter and so on. It is the real knowledge in which people have got in duration of life. You, therefor, mostly see successful people were invited to share their experience about life. Likewise, VYCS, had invited Mr. Vathanak Sereyvong to be the guest speaker last week, and he contributed many things about his life in America.

He’s been America through YSEALI program, and he said life there is fully independent. He has distinguished the differences between Cambodia and America. He stated that, American dare to decide on what they think it is right, and they are always  responsible for their choice. Cambodia is different from America, while Cambodian youths like depending on parents. They sometime have best choice and idea, but they feel reluctant to show and share to surrounding people. That’s a big mistake for them, and they should transform their attitude to be more positive.

What I claimed above It doesn’t mean you don’t respect our parents, but you must argue them about what you really want to do. Parents sometime exactly understand about your argument, but traditional norm made them to use authority over your decision. That’s a big hindrance to trap you in place without development, so you should learn to liberate and respect idea from now on, and you have to inspire the next generation to generate and share idea, especially in the public. The mistake now will be a great seed  to succeed in the upcoming future.

Though, avoidance problem is a major issue of Cambodian people, and they like blame issue rather than finding out the root cause of the issue. For instance, there have traffic accident among two parties, and each party tries to put burden on each other. Somehow, it causes from bad road, so you should acknowledge the reality rather than claiming you’re right. In Cambodian context, you’re hardly to see people claim to be wrong, and they mostly provoke a big conflict to be right.

Finally, I’m appreciated experience, and what I raised above to reflect  Mr. Vathanak Sereyvong’s  presentation. It’s a small part of his presentation, and what I include here is being independent on your way, sharing idea to surrounding people, finding cause and effect, and learning to acknowledge reality.

By Heam Sambath!