About Us

Volunteer Youth for Cambodian Smile (VYCS)



Brief Background
Volunteer Youth for Cambodian Smile (VYCS) has initiated and conducted our activities for over two years. Having done activities for community such as building schools, houses , offering food and clothing to the poor, homeless, elderlies, and children and as well as giving training courses in Battambang, Takeo, Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, Svay Rieng, Phnom Penh, Kandal, and Siem Reap. We keep looking forward to continue this mission for the sake of our society.

VYCS is founded in the purpose of promoting Buddhist Moral Values, Social Equality and Welfare.

We, Volunteer Youth for Cambodian Smile, envision a society where peace and development can be reached unless morality is valued and practiced and quality education is presented. We envision a society where people’s happiness and social harmony can be aimed when truthfulness, tolerance, and thankfulness are cherished.

In order to achieve our vision, VYCS focuses on educational activities in strengthening virtue, morality, dignity, and respect for human value.
• Promoting Buddhist moral value practices for mindfulness and peacefulness by teaching, training and campaign
• Providing the children’s care for English & Computer class and vocational training for skill in sustainable support
• Improving the basic education to poor children or students by providing scholarship and school constructions for those mainly in rural area.
• Serving the poor by building houses, wells and toilets
• Collaboration with both NGOs and governmental agencies to promote youth involvement in community development

In order to achieve our mission, VYCS strongly commits to augment the value and dignity of our people as following:
o Participation
o Compassion
o Gratitude
Fundraising and donation from general public both domestically and abroad

To encourage and teach Cambodian people to live in society with moral codes of conduct, peace, development, dignity, harmony both bodily and mental.

1) Buddhist Moral Education for Youth: This project aims to educate basic moral principles to the next generation of Cambodia. This moral education program also aims to recruit and recognize Buddhist followers through a formal education and training programs.
2) Children’s Care Project: All homeless children or children were abandoned will excessively care, support and protect from us.
3) Scholarship & Sponsorship Project: To offer scholarship grants to those who are unable to pay the school fee and living in miserable conditions, especially women and children at high potential risks. Besides, children from unfortunate family or orphans who could not afford for schooling will be provided some sponsorship such as clothes, bicycle and study supplies and monthly payment so that they could keep going to school.
4) Vocational Training Program: The program aims to support unfortunate young Cambodians who cannot access higher education to receive short vocational training program which could help them produce some potential products so that they can exchange with people from other groups or sell them in the markets.