President Message


I am Moam Vibol, Buddhist monk, Founder and President of VYCS is pleasure to
greet all international  and national guesses who have chosen well in selecting Volunteer Youth for Cambodian Smile (VYCS) through commitment  to be prosperous lives by Dhamma practice, mindfulness.

Fro our perspectives, we all VYCS and Partnership have played important role -to educate, value and empower future leaders constantly. VYCS has worked and provided the multiply social systems building human resource in high leadership qualities, intellectual wisdom and well developed. Also we have done great achievement in international affairs and social affair. VYCS broadly well known in local and oversea.

In order to exceed capacity with international and nation community in both social knowledge and affair, we have constantly encouraged members and participants to integrate or exchange with International Organization,institutions, university and teams to study and understand. In addition, generally serving social works, we have monthly enriched intellectual capacity of members in training by long-years experiences and famous speakers, trainers, and professors from institutions a crossing Cambodia.

We have  been extremely processing and respecting our missions for prosperous life by us:

Help Others. Giving others a little bit of your time and effort leaves you feeling amazing! When you help someone and then get to see the smile on their face because you made them a priority.

Give Thanks. If you focus on what you don’t have, you’re robbing yourself of any chance of ever achieving happiness and prosperity in life. Maybe you don’t make a fortune but, do you earn enough to pay the bills? Perhaps your back often hurts, but are you dealing with a debilitating disease like cancer? If you concentrate on where you feel limited, you magnify that your life lacks, and there’s nothing positive about that.

Meditate. To live a great life and achieve your greatest desires, you have to be in touch with yourself. You must know what and how you feel on as many levels as possible. And, you have to take care of your body. You need to provide it with the best chemical make-up possible to help you in life’s journey. Meditation does both of these. It allows you to connect with your deepest thoughts and it changes your brain and body chemicals in a manner that improves your overall well-being.

Work Hard. While we all dream about inheriting a huge fortune from an unknown family member or winning the lottery, it’s the things you had to work hard for that bring you the most pride and enjoyment.

Have Faith. If you want more out of life than you feel you have right now, you have to believe that you’ll get it. Sometimes it’s easy to just give up on yourself ever achieving happiness because you can’t see how it will become a reality.

To everyone a prosperous life ! With Metta Dhamma and love from purified heart of us.

Best Regard,